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Conversion Rate Optimization

Double or even triple your conversion rate within weeks. In less than 12 weeks our conversion rate optimization techniques will help you double or even triple your online conversion rate. That's a promise. And for any reason, if we have failed to impress you, there is always our 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. No fine print. Just plain, simple 100% refund!


conversion rate optimization

We can help you collect as well as analyze your data to figure out what seems to work and what does not seem to work. We bring to you all the goodness of our intelligent tools and our expertise to help you build actionable knowledge within your organization. Knowledge that will help your conversion rate optimization efforts.

Work With Your In-House Team

We will work with your in-house teams and help them make the required changes to your processes and your website to improve your conversion rate. We will be your designated conversion manager whose sole goal will be to enhance the buying experience and optimize your conversion rate.

Complete Turn-Key Project

Or we could do a complete turn-key project wherein our teams do all the work, and you can sit back and relax. That gives you ample time to strengthen and grow your core business - your area of expertise.
You choose the level of support and engagement that you require. From working with your teams to complete turn-key solution or anything in between. We are happy to help.


conversion rate optimization

Let's start defining by what we mean by conversion. A conversion is a desired action that you want your visitor to do on your website. As simple as that. This could be filling out a lead form, writing a product review, buying a product from your catalogue or downloading a case study.

Optimum Traffic Utilization

Well, while there are billions of users surfing the net for products and services, the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website is limited. Imagine your business as a brick and mortar business. How would you feel if you had a swanky shop and had a few hundred visitors walk in every day but hardly anyone buying a product from your shop? Yes, you could invest in advertising and get more people to your shop but then again your sales would go up only marginally. We mean if only a few of your visitors actually bought something from you then the same trend would continue if you brought a few hundred more visitors to your shop, as well!
Conversion rate optimization will help you get more sales from your existing visitor base. 

Increased ROI on Advertising

We all know the way the advertising market is getting more competitive and more expensive! While earlier you had to spend little to get the same result via PPC advertising or other means of traditional advertising, you now have to spend much more to get the same result. Optimizing your conversion rate will give you a substantial increase in your advertising ROI as more visitors turn into customers.

Customer Experience

The best customer experience will bring more sales to you either by word of mouth or as repeat sales. We all know that.Conversion rate optimization will help you elevate your customer experience. The converse might not necessarily be true in the strict sense of increasing your online sales. When you improve your conversion rate, you work not only on the User Interface portion of your website but also on the underlying processes. These processes directly impact your customer experience. The result is that you get additional free traffic, and that is rich from a conversion standpoint.

Great Savings

With all the extra money that you make by increasing your conversion rate, you could possibly reinvest it in your business to grow it further, spend more on advertising and get more traffic to your website or simply go on your dream holiday!
And above all, this expertise is now available to you. We are glad to let you in on our secrets.  

Conversion rate optimization

Time Is The Essence

In good old days, you could just talk to your customers or visitors and find out what their requirements were. It was so easy to walk that extra mile to fulfil their requirements or simply delight them. With the advent of the web, things have got quite complicated.
Today you do not get the opportunity to interact with a prospect face-to-face. If your visitor does not find the information that he is looking for in a few seconds on your website, in all probability he will hit the browser's back button and go to your competition. You have almost zero chances of recovery if you do not cater to your visitor's specific needs and cater them fast.
Various studies have shown that a visitor scans through your landing page and makes up his mind in the first 3 - 4 seconds! If he does not get what he is looking for and there is nothing that he finds of real interest, he is bound to abandon your site. If you have the information that he requires, nested somewhere deep in your site structure then you have already lost the game.
To make matters worse, even though you have what the customer is looking for, you only have a few seconds to impress him before he decides to abandon ship. And then there are those drop-off points while filling out a form or going through your shopping cart's checkout page! You almost had the sale, but you are now back to square one.

Information Overload

While Google Analytics and all reporting tools will give you plethora of data to analyze and tell you where you lost your customer or which page they spent most of their time on, what they do not tell you is what you need to know. What you need to know for conversion rate optimization is Why did you lose your customer? You also need to know what on the page engages your audience so much that they spend so much of their time on it. You need to know why did they opt out of your buying funnel not just where did they opt out of the buying funnel?
Figuring out these Whys is the most difficult part of the conversion rate optimization process. Basing your actions on the available data is like aiming in the dark. You know the general direction in which you want to shoot, but you have no visibility of your target. If you are lucky, you might hit the bull's eye but seldom are you so blessed.
Conversion rate optimization is an intricate science, and there are many factors that affect your on-line visitor's behaviour. While the ultimate goal is a sale or conversion as the case might be and maybe there is a single step where you are experiencing the most drop offs, but the factor's that impact that step might be many. Often, there are various leakages within the system and that only compounds the problem.

conversion rate optimization


1Analyze As-Is Situation

We start by understanding your requirements and your current challenges. We do a detailed study of your website and decide if we are the right people for the job. The, idea of doing this study is that we want all our customers to be delighted within a few weeks of signing up with us. There is a financial risk that we undertake. If you are not delighted with our work, we will refund your money 100%. No questions asked.
Once we have ascertained that we can be of help, we will start working with you to optimize your conversion rate and increase your profits.

2Intelligence Gathering

Over time, you must have gathered quite a lot of data. Google Analytics and probably a few other tools that you might have commissioned must have spewed out tons of data. We analyze this data to draw meaningful inferences that help us get started. In this step, we also determine the missing links that we need to plug in to derive actionable intelligence.

3Customer Engagement

Your customers, as well as your website visitors, are the best people to tell you what works and what does not work on your website. We engage your site visitors to understand what made them convert into customers and what is it that deterred them from committing. We get this data through telephonic interactions as well as surveys and polls that we carry out both on-line as well as off-line.

4Giving an Identity to your visitors

In all probability, you have been tracking your website visitors as sessions, visits and events. With the introduction of some of the tools in our arsenal, we start tracking data at a customer level. We give an identity to your website visitors, and they no longer remain mere visits and events. Now you will have the power to know:

  • When Jack first visited your website?
  • Which referral did he come from?
  • Which pages did he visit?
  • What actions did Jack perform on your website?
  • How many times did Jack visit your site in a given period?
  • Which pages did he visit the most?
  • Which was the last page he visited before becoming a customer?
  • How many times has Jack visited you in the last 6 months?

This is just a sample of what you can derive by tying your data to identities and that too in real-time. You will now be able to see your website data at the individual level rather than mere visits and events. This gives you the power and flexibility to pull meaningful reports that help you identify customer browsing patterns on your website. This step alone is so powerful that you will be amazed by the kind of actionable intelligence that can be derived from your website. You will now be able to see which customers are in which stage of your conversion funnel and you can reach out to them to close the sale. 

5Behaviour Mapping

To strengthen our hypothesis, we introduce various tools that allow us to generate click maps, also known as heat maps and scroll maps, as well. A picture speaks 1,000 words, and probably a video speaks 10,000! By recording live visitor sessions on your website and looking at their browsing patterns, we establish a behavioural pattern that your visitors adopt on your website. The click maps and scroll maps further help us identify the target areas on your website that have the highest potential for optimizing your conversion rate.

6Check for Technology Factors

You will be surprised with the conversion rate improvement that can be achieved with small technology fixes like broken javascript elements, usage of AJAX / DHTML, image optimization, combining CSS and java scripts and improving overall site load times. While this in no way is a complete list of all the technology factors that affect your conversion rate, fixing these certainly helps improve conversion rates.

7Developing Content

All the actionable intelligence that we have gathered so far go through our proprietary heuristics model that helps us prioritize and form important hypothesis on what changes will work on your site? It is now time to start working on the content that complement our hypothesis. Depending on the analytical outcome, we develop custom content that optimizes your conversion ratio. Some of the areas that we do cover are:

  • On page HTML elements
  • Headlines and Tag Lines
  • Website Images
  • The readability and the tone of the content
  • The usability
  • Your website's navigation structure
  • The offers and promotions that you run
  • The price points of your products
  • Your calls to action
  • The layout of your site
  • Urgency indicators
  • Your shopping cart experience
  • The forms on your website
  • The guarantee that you offer
  • Your underlying visit to sale processes
  • The value proposition that you offer
  • Other USPs that you have

This is in no means a complete list of the things that we look into, however, based on our experience, these are the common elements that require changes to for your conversion rate optimization plans to succeed.

8Usability Testing

No matter what the data talks, we would never dream of experimenting with your live website visitors! We commit the most relevant and high yield changes to a staging setup and conduct usability testing on the changes. We recruit usability testers from your target audience segment with proven credentials and engage them with the staging setup. The detailed videos, reports and analysis that we obtain from these testers help us firm up the change elements that go into your website. From competitive benchmarking to moderated usability testing, cover you all the way.

9Split Testing and Multivariate Testing

Sometimes you have no clue how little changes can make a big difference. While the significant changes are run through usability and split testing in a staging environment, we conduct live split and multivariate testing for all other identified factors. We develop these tests and deploy them to your target segment visitors and track various conversion goals including revenue. All changes that come out of these tests are statistically proven to increase your conversion rate.

10Increasing the Lifetime Customer Value

The changes that we bring in your conversion rate optimization processes will not only increase your conversion rate but will also increase the lifetime value that your customers bring. Your customers will love you for those changes and the value you bring to them. In return, you will have more happy, satisfied and recurring customers.

11Wrap Up

Just like any other continuous improvement processes, conversion rate optimization is an iterative Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. To maximize conversions we do go through the above mentioned process iteratively and at each pass we impress you with spectacular results. In our assignments, our clients have noticed an improvement of over 165% by the time the first cycle is completed and an astonishing figure of as high as 300% by the time we have handed the reins back to them!

conversion rate optimization

We can go on about how our conversion rate optimization techniques can help you achieve that magical conversion rate, however for us to address your specific needs, we suggest you contact us now and get started!