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About our Company


Imagine you own a store in a city that's home to millions of people. You have invested thousands to set up an attractive space and stock it with quality merchandise. Every day, hundreds of people walk through the door and browse the aisles, but they never speak to your sales associates. Day after day, the people come in, look around and leave without making a single purchase. Would your store stay open for long?

Clearly, traffic alone cannot make a business successful, and even though this is obvious when you consider a brick-and-mortar business, it is not as evident in the world of SEO services and social media marketing. Many companies invest thousands to develop websites and have professional SEO services optimize their sites to drive traffic from the search engines to their home pages. 

But do they actually see results from the traffic? All too often, the answer is no.

Far too many SEO services companies are focused on getting as many people to a site as possible without any concern for converting those visitors to actual sales for the organizations that hire them. During his 16 years in the fields of technology and Customer Experience Analytics, Mangesh Sambare saw firsthand how many companies failed to see real returns on their investments in SEO services and social media marketing. Shockingly, many of these organizations were simply cutting their losses and continuing to focus on traditional offline marketing methods to keep their businesses afloat.

After seeing this pattern time and time again, Sambare realized that was missing in the world of SEO servicesand social media marketing was conversion rate marketing. Unlike traditional Internet marketing that simply tries to bring as many visitors to a site as possible, conversion rate marketing focuses on bringing the right type of prospective customers to webpages and then getting these individuals to ultimately make a purchase or request information about products and services. 

With his expertise in conversion marketing, Sambare resolved to fill this void in the Internet marketing industry by founding Stribog IT Solutions Private Limited, an SEO services company focused solely on one thing -- helping clients see profits from their websites and social media marketing efforts.

Stribog IT Solutions Private Limited is a full-service SEO company that uses proven, white hat methods of generating search traffic. Through conversion rate marketing and social media marketing, we help companies not just see increases in traffic to their sites, but also improvements in their bottom lines. 

Under the guidance of Sambare who personally oversees every project, we create customized solutions that produce results. We guarantee it. In fact, our rate structure depends upon it. When you hire Stribog to handle your SEO services and social media marketing, you won't pay a dime if you don’t see results. Our success depends on your success, so you can be certain that we will partner with you and use all of our experience, creativity and knowledge to make your online website profitable for your company.

Whether you're a small startup, a medium-sized firm or a large corporation, Stribog can help you reap the financial benefits of having an online presence with our approach that focuses on conversion rate marketing. Contact us today to discover how we can help you not just get traffic through your "door," but also get your products moving off the proverbial shelves.

Our Team

We are a bunch of young entrepreneurs with decades of experience in providing innovative solutions to exceed your expectations. We are committed to providing an extremely high ROI across the breadth and depth of our product and service offering.

Mangesh Sambare

Founder & Managing Director

John DoeIntellignece at work! That's how we call him when he is in front of his computer with all those statistical software.

Rajesh Mallaya

Director Sales

John DoeNumbers and Customer Relations, he has mastered the art of marrying them both.

Shubhangi S

Director Finance

John DoeLoosen up the purse strings, gal. The centre of everyone's attention and focus.

Sangeeta N

Director Projects

John DoeA drive for seamless execution that goes unparalleled in all arenas of her work. The Midas touch!